Thomas C. Wilson Tube Tools
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About Thomas C. Wilson, LLC

Experience and Innovation

Thomas C. Wilson is a smart source for all your tube expanders, tube cleaners, and HVAC maintenance equipment for heat exchangers, boilers, condensers, and pipes. We provide professional advice on selecting the right products for your needs, as listed below. If you don't see the size or type you need, contact us and we will review the application with you.

In addition to these tools and products, Thomas C. Wilson also distinguishes itself in the HVAC maintenance marketplace with:

  • Factory Engineering & Manufacturing — Wilson tools are engineered to meet your HVAC requirements. State-of-the-art designs are incorporated with a proven tradition of excellence, and manufactured with the best materials available.
  • Tool and Model Making — Our skilled personnel process new models and specials to suit your needs.
  • Inspection — Thomas C. Wilson employs a range of inspection procedures and devices to ensure the highest possible quality of every product.
  • Stock and Shipping — Tremendous in-house quantities and a global network ensure that a wide range of products are available and ready for quick-response shipping.
Why choose Thomas C. Wilson? We have more than 75 years of experience manufacturing air, water, and electrically-driven tube cleaning equipment. Our knowledgeable staff understands the industry, and knows how to help you find the right equipment for your application and your budget. Whether you're looking for pipe cleaning equipment or entire HVAC maintenance systems, choose Thomas C. Wilson for the high quality tools, value-added expertise, extensive inventory, and convenient delivery options.

Unmatched Service for Building Maintenance Professionals for Boilers and Absorbers/Chillers

Thomas C. Wilson knows that every customer has different needs for their HVAC maintenance jobs. For some, a catalog solution fits the bill. For others, a more custom approach is needed.

To accommodate all of our customers, Thomas C. Wilson provides expert assistance with both catalog and custom requests, working one-on-one to determine the very best equipment for each situation.

  Our expanded inventory includes equipment that not only helps you perform smarter tube cleaning, but makes your job easier as well. We also specialize in tube cutting, trimming, facing, beading tools, reaming, rolling motors, collapsing tools, pneumatic tools, shaft and casings, cutter heads, and accessories and supplies.

Additionally, Thomas C. Wilson understands that not every job requires a purchase, and not every budget can afford equipment ownership. We offer a range of equipment rental options to get the right tool in your hands as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

We also offer worldwide service, with the experience and resources to help you with your applications. At Wilson, we pride ourselves on our originality, responsive service, and ability to ship from stock quickly and accurately.

Thank you,
Stephen Hanley