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Boiler Tube Tool Supplies and Accessories

Thomas C. Wilson provides topnotch technology and world-class tube expander equipment to meet all of your boiler maintenance, manufacturing and repair needs. Our tools make you and your staff more productive, and more efficient. The highest quality materials and precision techniques make Thomas C. Wilson a leader in tube tool equipment.

Thomas C. Wilson's line of products is founded on a proud family tradition of innovation, and we are constantly looking for ways to expand our product line. Whatever your tube expander needs, we have a solution for you.

Or use our tool guide to help you identify the right Wilson tube expander.

Tube Lubricant
Thomas C. Wilson offers lubricant for tube expanders and other applications for all your maintenance and repair work needs. Select the right lubricant for your application: Expander Lube - Type B for expanding, B-Kool for beading, and WilsoLube for air tools. Tube Lubricant


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Mandrel Drives Female — Square Sizes 3/8" to 1"
Mandrel Drives
Wilson Mandrel Drives adapt tube expanders for use with a variety of air or electric drills. Mandrel Drives Female Square Sizes 1/4" - 1"
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Series 985
The Wilson Series 985 Chipping Hammer is compact and lightweight. It offers a controlled chipping action that allows operators to precisely chip away only specific areas. It is ideal for chiseling, scaling & chipping. Tools available for the Series 985 Chipping Hammer include: beading tools, collapsing tools, knockout tools and chisels. Chipping Hammer
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Tube Clamps — 2", 2-1/2", and 3" OD Tubes
Tube Clamps
Wilson Tube Clamps are designed to hold tubes while rolling at the opposite end. The clamps feature a high strength-to-weight ratio and round, flat plastic pads that allow the jaws to come together without turning or twisting. Tube Clamp
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Drive Extensions Male — Square Sizes 3/8" to 1"
Drive Extensions
Wilson Drive Extensions are available for use with universal joints and parallel gear trains, as well as with couplings for expander mandrels through water legs and headers, among others. Drive Extensions Male Square Sizes 3/8" - 1"
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Extension Couplings — 3/8" to 1" Diameter
Extension Couplings
Wilson Extension Couplings, available in both plain or reducing types, are generously proportioned and heat-treated to withstand applicable torque loads. Sockets have clearances to accommodate drive extensions, universals, and more. Extension Couplings 13/16" - 1 7/8" Diameter
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Universal Joints Female and Male — Square Sizes 3/8" – 1"
Universal Joints
“GP” Universal Joints are female square type models that smoothly rotate and deflect a common axis. These joints have an unusual strength for their size and prove popular with boiler makers.

Bi-Universal Joints are suitable for the unusual situations requiring deflecting greater than that provided by the Model GP.

Male-Female Universal Joints are suitable for use in superheater headers and have the same features as the Model GP.
Universal Joints Female Square Sizes 3/8" - 1", Male Square Sizes 3/8" - 1"

"GP" Universal Joint

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Extension Universal Joints Female and Male — Square Sizes 3/8" to 1"
Extension Joint
Useful for many applications involving expanding tubes through waterwall headers, superheaters, and water legs, the integral design of the Wilson Extension Universal Joints eliminates coupling an extension with a separate universal joint. These Joints feature a working angle of 140° that matches the standard location of many tubes from the accessible hand hole. Extension Universal Joints Female Square Sizes 3/8" - 1", Male Square Sizes 3/8" - 1"
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Parallel Gear Train Drives — Square Sizes 3/8" to 1"
Parallel Gear Train
Suitable for many expanding applications in a variety of boiler headers, Wilson Parallel Gear Drives feature inner gears with individual bronze bushings and rotate on shafts that are an integral part of the steel housing. The rigid gear shafts do not come loose, helping to maintain the perfect alignment of gears under any operating condition. Alloy steel gears are specially heat treated for maximum strength and all parts are readily replaceable. Achieve maximum service by lubricating with Texaco Starfak grease M or an equivalent. It is important to select the proper square hole size when ordering. Parallel Gear Train Drives Square Sizes 3/8" - 1"
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Worm Gear Drive
Wilson Worm Gear Drives are designed for maximum duty and service life, expressly suitable for operating in very confined areas of boiler headers. The product features a one-piece design, steel housing, and knurled shank, and comes with replaceable bronze bushings and thrust washers. The one piece worm and shaft is made from a hardened and ground alloy steel.

Right Angle Gear Drives

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Heavy Duty Bronze Type
Right Angle Bevel Gear Drives feature Heavy Duty Bronze Housing Types with round, oval, and elliptical diameters.

Heavy Duty Bronze Type

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Right Angle Bevel Gear Drive — Maximum 2" OD Tube
Light Duty
Light Duty Right Angle Bevel Gear Drives are exceptionally compact and feature an all steel one-piece housing, alloy steel gears, replaceable bronze bushing, and thrust washer. This drive has a 1 to 1 gear ratio and will enter a minimum 2 3/4” round hand hole.

Right Angle Bevel Gear Drive Maximum 2" OD Tube

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Tube Plugs — 1" to 3" OD
Tube Plugs
Wilson’s low-cost, quick, and effective Tube Plugs seal off leaky tubes with easy insertion that allows tubular units to return back on stream without undue interruption or process schedules. Accomplish a positive seal without special tools and only a minimum amount of driving. Certification and traceability are provided and plugs may be welded.

Custom sizes and material available.

Tube Plugs from 1" - 3" OD

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Tube End Facers — 2", 2-1/2", and 3" OD
Tube End Facers
Wilson Tube End Facers have multiple applications. Use them to prepare a uniform projection of tube ends prior to expanding or bead-rolling — or to de-burr tubes after they are cut or rolled. The adjustable thrust bearing collar and high-speed steel tool bit allow for fast, easy trimming at a recommended speed of 150 rpm. The interchangeable, reversible cutter bits are easy to replace.

Tube End Facers

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Tube or Pipe End Cutters — 2" to 3" OD Tubes, 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" Pipes
Tube/Pipe End Cutters
Used primarily to remove seal welds of welded boiler tubes, this high speed steel, multiple tooth cutter, and rotating pilot also proves ideal for flat facing tube ends. The cutter provides diameters that are large enough to cut a minimum of 1/4" beyond the outside of the tubes. A key feature of the tools is complete interchangeability of cutters, pilots, and shanks between the inside or outside chamfering cutter and flat seal weld remover tools.

Tube or Pipe End Cutters for 2" - 3" OD Tubes, 1 1/2" - 2 1/2" Pipes

Flat Seal Weld Remover

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Pneumatic Beveling Machines — 5/8" to 3-7/8" ID Tubes Pipes
Pneumatic Beveling Machines
Wilson’s Pneumatic Beveling Machines can be used to remove weld or prepare tube ends prior to welding, as well as to perform facing operations. Compact and lightweight, the machine features a reliable motor, heavy-duty bevel gear set, and a choice of a crank feed or wrench feed. An internal lock holds the tool securely in position while making facing cuts or simultaneously beveling the inside and outside of light or heavy wall tubes and pipes.

Pneumatic Beveling Machines

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Wilson Flo-Breaker
The Wilson Flo-Breaker safely cuts off excess air flow to prevent hose whipping caused by compressed air escaping from a broken hose. The Flo-Breaker is non-clogging, automatically resets and is made of stainless steel springs that are unaffected by temperature. OSHA requires that all hoses exceeding a 1/2" diameter have a safety device installed at the source of supply to reduce pressure in case of hose failure.

Wilson Flo-Breaker

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Handhole Cleaning Kit
The Wilson Handhole Cleaning Kit includes all the tools you need to remove rust, deposits, torn gaskets and other encrustations from boiler drums, sectional headers, plug seats, handholes and pipe flanges. It is also suitable for the surfacing of corners, tanks, stacks, bulkheads prior to painting.

Handhole Seat Cleaning Kit

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Seat Grinding Kit
The Wilson Headhole Seat Grinding Kit restores the gasket seal of any size handhole to a smooth flat surface ensuring a perfect seal when the hole is closed. The optional Wilson Alignment Indicator eliminates the guesswork in the proper alignment of the grinding wheel and seat.

Handhole Seat Grinding Kit

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Tube End Polishing Kit
This kit’s highly efficient, flexible, and abrasive brush can take care of any job in one pass — saving time and money. With the ability to safely clean tube ends in just a few seconds, preparing them for sil-brazing, welding, or tube rolling, the 9176 Kit includes a 4,500 rpm motor that weighs just 5 pounds.

Tube End Polishing Kits

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Midget Tube End Polishing Kit
Featuring a powerful motor that weighs just 2 pounds, the entire kit weighs only 10 1/4 pounds total. This Wilson kit will save on time and assembly for brazers, welders, pipe fitters, or boiler makers — in the shop or onboard a ship.

Wilson Midget Tube End Polishing Kit

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