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Expander Lube - Type B

Series 114 Expanders
Wilson Expander Lube is a water-soluble lubricant especially compounded for use with tube expanders. When rolling large or small, ferrous or nonferrous tubes, use Wilson Expander Lube for smoother rolling and longer expander life. For clean tube ends after rolling, simply wash with water. Wilson Type B Expander Lube is used straight from the can without dilution.
Expander Lube Type B Part No.
1-Pint Can 28115-0001
1-Quart Can 28115-0002
1-Gallon Can 28115-0009
5-Gallon Can 28115-0005
30-Gallon Drum 28115-0030
55-Gallon Drum 28115-0055
Series 114 Expanders
Prolong the life — and improve the efficiency — of the Wilson Combination Beading Expander with B-Kool. B-Kool dissapates the heat generated by the Wilson Combination Beading Expander, increasing this Smart Tool's longevity, performance and productivity. B-Kool is available as a concentrate. Mix 20-24 parts water to one part B-Kool.
B-Kool (Concentrate) Part No.
1 Quart 42161-0001
1 Gallon 42161-0004
Series 114 Expanders
WilsoLube is a rust inhibiting lubricant.
WilsoLube Part No.
Oil Based (Gallon) 9047
Water-Soluble (Quart) 9047-0002
Water-Soluble (Gallon) 9047-0009