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Beading Expander

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Wilson's Combination Beading Expander in action Wilson's Combination Beading Expander

Beading Expander for Easy Tube Rolling and Beading

The Wilson Combination Beading Expander (CBE) is one of our smartest tools! Rather than expand a tube, then manually bead it, and then re-roll it with a straight roll expander, the patented Combination Beading Expander from Thomas C. Wilson does all three jobs in one seamless process.

The Wilson Combination Beading Expander doesn't just save time, cut labor costs and reduce your equipment investment; it also produces a perfect bead every time! Designed primarily for the fabrication and re-tubing of fire-tube boilers, the Combination Beading Expander rolls and beads tubes with 2-inch, 2 1/2-inch and 3-inch Outer Diameters, 10 to 13 gauge.

The Wilson Combination Beading Expander for 2-inch Outer Diameter tubes is a 4-roll expander. For 2 1/2-inch and 3-inch tubes, it is a 5-roll expander. And the Combination Beading Expander is a self-feeding, parallel-rolling unit. For best results, trim the tube to be expanded and beaded to 3/16-inch projection.

How to Order the Combination Beading Expander

To order, simply locate your tube Outer Diameter and gauge. Each Combination Beading Expander assembly includes a standard mandrel, a grease gun (to lubricate the tool) and a service manual. You should order extra mandrels, straight rolls, beading rolls and guide roll assemblies, based on the number of tubes you will be expanding and beading. Your Wilson Product Application Specialist can help you determine how many spare mandrels, straight rolls, beading rolls and guide roll assemblies you should order. To prolong the life of your Combination Beading Expander, we recommend B-Kool.

Combination Beading Expander Applications

  • Expand and Bead 2, 2-1⁄2 and 3-inch Tubes in One Operation

Combination Beading Expander Features

  • Turn three operations (expanding, beading and re-rolling) into one time-saving, labor-reducing process performed by just one tool!
  • Cut labor costs by 50 to 65%!
  • Purchase and maintain one tool instead of three.
  • Minimal employee training or experience required.
  • Produce a perfect, tight bead every time!
  • Eliminate all noise for beading operation.

Combination Beading Expander Specs

Tube Beading
Mandrel† Rolls
Before 7/02
Part No.
Rolls for
Beading Roll
Part No.
Guide Roll
Inches (mm) Part No. Square Inches (mm)
2 (50.8) 10 41633-0010 42157 3/4
Set of 4
Set of 4
41631-0010 41701-0010 1.700-1.906
11 41633-0011 41701-0011
12 41633-0012 41631-0012 41701-0012
13 41633-0013 41701-0013
2-1/2 (63.5) 10 41634-0010 42158 41673
Set of 5
Set of 5
41651-0010 41702-0010 2.200-2.440
11 41634-0011 41702-0011
12 41634-0012 41651-0012 41702-0012
13 41634-0013 41702-0013
3 (76.2) 10 41359-0010 42159 1
Set of 5
Set of 5
41666-0010 41703-0010 2.700-2.940
11 41359-0011 41703-0011
12 41359-0012 41651-0010 41703-0012
* Assembly includes Standard Mandrel, Grease Gun (Part No. 53553) and Service Manual/Parts List (SM-140).
† Short Series Mandrels for wet back or tight turn around are available.

Check out our sister tool, the Wilson Hydraulic Tube Cutter for getting the proper projection for the Combination Beading Expander.