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Fire Tube Expanders

Thomas C. Wilson provides top-notch technology and world-class tube expander equipment to meet all of your boiler maintenance, manufacturing and repair needs. Our tools make you and your staff more productive, and more efficient. The highest quality materials and precision techniques make Thomas C. Wilson a leader in tube tool equipment.

Thomas C. Wilson's line of products is founded on a proud family tradition of innovation, and we are constantly looking for ways to expand our product line. Whatever your tube expander needs, we have a solution for you.

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Series 22
Wilson's Series 22 Expander Tools were specially designed for use in boiler rooms, boiler repair shops, railroads, Scotch Marine Boilers, as well as, for all general rolling in fire tube boilers where flaring is not required. The over-sized Series 22 model is offered for use in opening up existing tube holes. A revolving thrust collar helps eliminate jamming and its compact designs allows for working close to walls or adjacent tubes. Three Roll- Non-Parallel Expanding-Straight or Oversized Roll Type
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Series 116
Wilson's Series 116 Expanders offer four expanding rolls and two flare rolls and simultaneously flare and roll an unusually fine surface with a minimum amount of indentation by the flare rolls. This flaring operation works ideally for HRT and other fire tube boilers where final beading of tube ends is the practice. This Wilson Expander's self-retained rolls make it well-suited for use with reverse taper mandrels for far end tube expanding. Four Roll-Non-Parallel Expanding-Flare Roll Type
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Series 28
Wilson's Series 28 Expanders simultaneously flare the tube as a preliminary to beading operations. The revolving thrust collar sets the tube and is notched to clear adjacent tubes if on close centers and works well in most HRT and other fire tube boilers. These Wilson Expanders are also popular for far end rolling when used in conjunction with reverse mandrels and extension drives. The expander range is taken at the front of the thrust collar. Three Roll- Non-Parallel Expanding-Flare Roll Type
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Beading Expander — 2", 2 1/2" and 3" OD
Wilson Combo
One of the smartest tools Wilson offers, the Wilson Combo Beading Expander offers three operations — including expanding, beading, and re-rolling — in one tool. Helping with time savings, this tool cuts labor costs by 50 to 65% and requires minimal employee training or experience. As this Wilson Expander produces a perfect, tight bead every time, overall workmanship quality increases. The Wilson Combo Beading Expander is available in 2-inch, 2-1/2-inch, and 3-inch OD sizes, each in a separate assembly. Simply change the beading roll and guide roll switch from the gauges of tubes. Click to view demonstrationBeading Expander
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Wilson Hydraulic Tube Cutter — 2", 2 1/2" and 3" OD
Hydraulic Tube Cutter
The Wilson Hydraulic Tube Cutter quickly and efficiently cuts tubes in front of the tube sheet. In fact, it can cut a 2-inch OD tube in just 8 seconds. The Hydraulic Tube Cutter automatically raises the cutter wheel, cleanly cutting through the tube. An adjustable collar ensures the tubes are consistently cut at precisely the right tube position. Click to view demonstrationWilson Hydraulic Tube Cutter Sizes 2", 2 1/2", and 3" OD
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