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Right Angle Bevel Gear Drive - Light Duty

Light Duty Bevel Gear Drive
Light Duty
  • All steel one piece housing
  • Alloy steel gears
  • Replaceable bronze bushing and thrust washer
  • Exceptionally compact
  • Gear ratio 1-to-1
  • Will enter minimum 2-3/4-Inch round hand hole

This small, all steel, bevel gear drive is used in small headers. It is generally used in conjunction with a universal joint and extension for tubes located approximately 100° radially from a handhole. Its use is restricted to a maximum 2-Inch diameter tube and for extended service life it should be rotated in the slower ranges of speed.

Male Square Female Square Overall Length Width Thickness Part No.
Inches Inches Inches Inches Inches
3/8 3/8 6-3/8 1-3/4 2-13/32 21601
1/2 1/2 21602