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Parallel Gear Train Drives

Parallel Gear Train Drives
Wilson Parallel Gear Drives are suitable for many expanding applications in various types of boiler headers. The inner gears have individual bronze bushings, rotating on shafts that are an integral part of the steel housing. These rigid gear shafts cannot come loose hence gears are maintained in perfect alignment under any operating conditions. The alloy steel gears are specially heat-treated for maximum strength. All parts are readily replaceable. For maximum service lubricate with Texaco Starfak grease M or equivalent. Select the proper square hole size when ordering.
Square Size
No. Opgs. Assembly Part No. Replacement Parts Distance
Outer Squares
Double Hub Gear Center Gear Sub-Assy.
Part No. No. Req'd Part No. No Req'd
Inches Inches Inches Inches Inches
3/8 2 20105 20108 2 20988 3 6 8-1/2 2 1-15/16
1/2 20079 20080
3 38131 3 2
3/4 2 20077 20078 2 20878 9 2-1/2
3 38134 3 1
1 2 20069 20072 2 2