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Right Angle Worm Gear Drive

Right Angle Worm Gear Drive
  • One piece, steel housing with knurled shank.
  • Replaceable bronze bushings and thrust washers
  • One piece worm and shaft
  • Hardened and ground alloy steel worm and shaft
  • Gear ratio (see chart below)
  • Handhole entrance (see chart below)

Wilson Worm Gear Drives were designed for maximum duty and service life and are expressly suitable for operating in very confined areas of boiler headers. The gear housing is specially shaped and the knurled shank is small enough to provide for expander feed movement when working through a handhole. They will conveniently “reach in” for expanding tubes at right angles to, but offset from, a handhole.

The Wilson exclusive one piece steel housing and one piece worm shaft assures complete rigidity, continued gear alignment and extended service life. For maximum service lubricate with Vital E.P. SAE 250 oil or equivalent. Select the proper square hole size when ordering.

Male Square Female Square Overall Length Gear Housing Minimum Hand Hole Diameter Gear Ratio Part No.
Length Width Thickness
Inches Inches Inches Inches Inches Inches Inches Inches
1/2 1/2 10-3/16 3-3/16 2-1/4 1-3/8 3-3/8 4-1/2 to 1 20135
  3/4 20136
3/4 11-9/32 3-27/32 2-5/8 1-7/8 4 20137
1 4-1/4 3-1/16 4-1/2 5-1/2 to 1 20138