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Handhole Seat Grinding Kit

Handhole Seat Grinding Kit

Handhole Seat Grinding Kit
(Part No. 1041-1601)

Handhole Grinder

The unique Wilson Alignment Indicator (Part No. 1043) is available as optional equipment and is included in the Handhole Seat Grinding Kit No. 1041-2601.

The Wilson Handhole Seat Grinding Kit restores to a smooth flat service the gasket seal of any size handhole, ensuring a perfect seal when the hole is closed. And the unique Wilson Alignment Indicator eliminates guesswork as to proper alignment of the grinding wheel with the seat to be ground.

Handhole Seat Grinding Kit (Part No. 1041-1601)
Part No.
1041-0088 Air Motor (90 psi, 22 SCFM Max)
1041-0029 2-Inch Grinding Wheel (Coarse Grit)
1041-1029 2-Inch Grinding Wheel (Fine Grit)
1041-0093 Extension Arm Assembly
8340 2-Inch Cup Brush
1041-0025 Guide Roller (1-5/8-Inch diameter)
1041-0026 Guide Roller (1-9/16-Inch diameter)
1041-0027 Guide Roller (1-1/2-Inch diameter)
1041-0028 Guide Roller (1-7/16-Inch diameter)
1041-0035 MF Adapter (1-Inch - 8M x 7/8-9F)
1041-0036 MF Adapter (1-Inch - 8M x 3/4-10F)
52147 5/16-Inch Hex Key
51254 3/16-Inch Hex Key
52142 5/64-Inch Hex Key
8596 Filter/Lubricator
1041-0072 Offset Socket Wrench (9/16-Inch x 7/16-Inch)
1041-0066 Wheel Dressing Stone
1041-0030 Inspection Mirror
1041-3067 Mounting Assembly
24939 Tool Box/Carrying Case
SM-121 Service Manual

Air Motor Specifications:
  • 12,600 rpm
  • 90 psi
  • 22 SCFM
  • 0.25 HP
  • 3/8-Inch NPT Inlet
Handhole Seat Grinding Kit
(Part No. 1041-2601)
Includes items in Kit No. 1041-1601 plus
Part No.
1043 Alignment Indicator
1041-0087 Motor Clamp Assembly
SM-122 Service Manual

Optional Carbide Surfacers
Product Description Part No.
2-Inch Diameter 62524
2 1/4-Inch Diameter 62525
2 1/2-Inch Diameter 62526
Optional Grinding Wheels
Product Description Part No.
2 1/4-Inch Diameter-Coarse Grit 1041-0081
2 1/4-Inch Diameter-Fine Grit 1041-1081
2 1/2-Inch Diameter-Coarse Grit 1041-0082
2 1/2-Inch Diameter-Fine Grit 1041-1082
2 3/4-Inch Diameter-Coarse Grit 1041-0083
2 3/4-Inch Diameter-Fine Grit 1041-1083