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Tube End Polishing Kits

Tube End Polishing Kit

Tube End Polishing Kit
(Part No. 9176)

Wilson Tube End Polishing Kits safely clean tube ends in just a few seconds, preparing them for sil-brazing, welding or tube rolling. The 9176 Kit includes a 4,500 rpm motor that weighs just 5 pounds, and it uses a highly efficient, flexible, abrasive brush that does the job in one pass, saving time and money!

Tube End Polishing Kit (Part No. 9176)
Part No.

Polishing Motor 4500 rpm includes:
1/2-Inch - 20 Spindle Adapter to 1-Inch O.D.
1/4-Inch NPT Hose Connection
(includes dead handle, hex key and wrench)

51139 Spare Rotor Blades (Set of 4)
51254 3/16-Inch Hex Key
5760 Wrench (3/4-Inch opening)
51250 Wrench (1-5/8-Inch and 1-1/2-Inch)
50369 Flexible Abrasive Wheels, 6-inch diameter (2)
51388 Adapter Set for Abrasive Wheel
8114 Radial Wire Brush, 6-inch diameter
53667 Cone Wheel, 1-1/4-Inch diameter
6404-0003 Tool Box/Carrying Case
SM-73-1 Service Manual

Part No.
8399 Cup Brush
51288-0003 Adapter for Cup Brush
51845-0004 Expanding Brush Extension Assembly
51296 Adapter (5/16-18F x 7-1/6-14M)
51290-0004 Adapter (7/16-14F x 1/2-20F)