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Expander Collars — Up to 1-Inch Outer Diameter

Thrust Bearing Collar

Thrust-bearing collar assembly is furnished on all Wilson Expanders up to 1-inch Outer Diameter tube sizes except 72 and 73 series 20-23 Gauge. Supplied with a 1/16-inch recess. Recesses up to 15/16-inch available on special order.

Deep Recess Collar

Deep Recess Collar
Available for 72 and 73 Series Expander. Allows rolling on far end where tubes project up to 3 inches. Order by basic "Thin Gauge Collar". Assembly no. and required dash no. 7300 for 1-Inch, 72000 for 2-Inch, and 7400 for 3-Inch.

Close Collar

Close Collar
Optional Collar Assembly used for rolling tubes too close to shell sides, divider plates, etc. to allow the greater diameter of standard collars to pass. Collars available from flush to 15/16-inch recess for all tube expanders offered.