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Enforcer-500 Tube Expanding Systems

Enforcer Tube Expanding System for 1/2 to 1-1/2 inch OD


Wilson Tube Expanding System

Wilson Tube Expanding System
Human-Machine Interface



Wilson Enforcer-500 systems offer the latest in electronic torque controll for tube expanding. These systems feature an articulating arm mount for reduced operator fatigue. A torque sensing system allows the unit to accurately sense torque levels as low as 1 ft/lb and in 1/4 ft/lb increments. The unit also includes an automatic lubrication system that feeds lubricant directly to the collar to ensure longer life of both expanders and tubes.

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  • Two Modes of Operation (Manual and Automatic)
  • Constant RPM at Various Torque Settings
  • Auto Cycle for Continuous Rolling of Multiple Tubes
  • Fully Programmable Human-Machine Interface for Parameter Input
  • Pressure Regulation System to Adjust Level of Lifting Assistance for Arm and Tool
  • Automatic Lubrication System (Optional)
  • Outstanding Torque Accuracy (+/- 0.5 ft-lbs.)
  • Very Low Noise Level
  • Low Operator Fatigue
  • Holding Fixture Increases Expander Life
Power Requirements 220V 50 Hz, or 60 Hz;
440V 50 Hz, or 60 Hz
Speed 50 to 1,000 rpm
Torque 1 to 30 ft. lbs.
Weight 350 lbs. (700 lbs. incl. Dead Wt.)
Footprint 29 in. x 37 in.
Total Height 7 ft., 4 in.
Vert. Arm Range 1 to 6 ft.
Horiz. Arm Range 8 ft.
Arm Reach 4 ft.

Wilson Tube Expanding System
Self-Lubricating Motor Assembly
Enforcer Model Ultra-Low Torque Low Torque
Technical Data
Tube Capacity 1/2 to 3/4 Inch Tubes 3/4 to 1-1/2-Inch Tubes
Speed 50-1000 rpm 50-800 rpm
Torque Ranges 1-10 Ft-lbs. 3-30 Ft-lbs.
Enforcer Kits 3ø 220V, 60 Hz 48000-2000 48000-2200
  3ø 220V, 50 Hz 48005-2000 48005-2200
  3ø 440V, 60 Hz 48040-2000 48040-2200
  3ø 440V, 50 Hz 48045-2000 48045-2200
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