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Wilson Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Wilson Vacuum Cleaners collect the soot that is removed from fire tube boilers when they are cleaned. The Wilson Vacuum Nozzle fits over the Shaft & Casing (if you are cleaning with a Wil-Away™) or air line and connects to the vacuum unit's hose, so that the soot being removed from the boiler's tube is drawn into the vacuum cleaner.

Two industrial quality Vacuum Cleaner motors are available. Please check out the Wilson Vacuums for more information.

2 HP General Purpose Kit 4 HP General Purpose Kit4 HP Main Filter10 Foot Neoprene Hose2 HP Disposable Bags

Accessories for 2 HP and 4 HP Vacuums: Part No.
Vacuum Tool Kit — Dry application (Wand, Crevice Tool, Scraper Tool, and Blower Nozzle Floor Tool, 11-Inch Plastic Crevice Tool and 11-Inch Aluminum Crevice Tool) 9487-1000
Vacuum Tool Kit — Dry/Wet Application (Wand,14-Inch Plastic Floor Tool, 18-Inch Aluminum Floor Tool, 11-Inch Plastic Crevice Tool, and 11-Inch Aluminum Crevice Tool) 9715-0300