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Large Diameter Tube Cleaning Equipment

Complete systems for boiler and other pressure vessel maintenance.

Tube cleaning kits from Thomas C. Wilson provide a solution for you, whether you are cleaning fire tube boilers, water tube boilers, or other large diameter vessels. With few maintenance requirements, our tube cleaning systems offer you both efficiency and reliability for all of your soot and scale removal needs. You will save on time and resources by incorporating our equipment into your regular maintenance routine.

Use our tool guide to help you identify the correct Wilson Tube Cleaning Equipment.

Electric Tube Cleaning System — 1-1/2" to 4-1/2" OD
WAW-1500 and WAW-2500
The Wils-Away™ WAW-1500 and WAW-2500 Electric Tube Cleaning Systems are designed for cleaning straight tubes in fire tube boilers, air heaters and other pressure vessels with a 1-1/2 to 4-1/2-inch Outer Diameter. They are ideal for removing soot and scale. Each kit includes an electric drive unit and all accessories and tools required for thorough tube cleaning. The high speed rotation (1725 rpm) of the expanding heavy-duty brush shaft and casing, along with Thomas C. Wilson's excellent selection of vacuums makes the WAW-1500 (1 HP) or WAW-2500 (2 HP) an ideal selection for cleaning soot and scale.

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Electric Tube Cleaning System
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Plant Manager’s Kit
Our Wils-Away™ Electric Plant Manager's Kit cleans both heat exchanger and boiler tubes, removing soot and scale from boilers, including light to medium soft deposits from heat exchangers. A variety of accessories and cleaning heads are available. Heat Exchanger and Boiler Tube Cleaning Kit
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2 HP and 4 HP
Wilson Vacuum Cleaners for fire tube boilers include the 2 HP Vacuum Cleaner with Dolly and the 4 HP Mounted 55-Gallon Vacuum Cleaner with Dolly. They collect the soot that is removed from Fire Tube Boilers when they are cleaned. The Wilson Vacuum Nozzle fits over the shaft and casing or air line and connects to the vacuum’s hose unit, so the soot being removed from the boiler’s tubes is drawn into the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum Cleaners and Accessories for Fire Tube Boilers
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Tube Cleaning Kit — Air-Driven — 2" to 4-1/2" OD
FT Series
Wilson’s FT Series Tube Cleaning System cleans pipes or straight tubes in fire tube boilers and other pressure vessels and works well for removing powdery and gummy to soft scale deposits. Each kit comes with a powerful air motor for speedy cleaning and all the accessories required for thorough tube cleaning. Tube Cleaning Kits – Air Driven
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Tube Cleaning System — Air-Driven — 1-1/2" to 6-1/2" OD (Also Larger Diameter)
EP Series
Wilson's EP Series Tube Cleaning System features bigger motors for cleaning pipes, large diameter pressure vessels, and straight tubes in boilers. It is designed to remove medium to heavy deposits Tube Cleaning System – Air Driven
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C Series
Wilson’s C Series Tube Cleaning System cleans curved or straight tubes or pipes in water tube boilers, a variety of pressure vessels, transmission lines, and many other applications as it removes light to medium soft deposits. Each kit is complete with a powerful air motor and necessary accessories, including spare parts, air hose, and tools for a thorough tube cleaning job. Tube Cleaning System – Air/Water Actuated
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Tube Cleaning Kits — Air-Driven — 2-1/2" to 7-1/2" OD
ECT Series
The ECT Series Tube Cleaning System cleans curved or straight tubes in boilers, superheaters, economizers, and other large diameter pressure vessels, effectively removing medium to heavy hard deposits. Extra-duty cleaning heads work with the motor to remove even the heaviest deposits. Tube Cleaning System – Air Driven
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