LONG ISLAND CITY, NEW YORK – Thomas C. Wilson, LLC., a leading provider of maintenance equipment for heat exchangers, boilers, condensers, and pipes is celebrating a milestone this December in Las Vegas. The Long Island-based manufacturer best known for tube expanders and tube cleaners marks 90 years in business as they display at this year's Power-Gen® International show at the Las Vegas Convention Center from December 8 to 10, 2015.

The firm has maintained a steady presence in the New York market, and now with 40 employees, focuses on continuing to innovate while providing a level of service and application knowledge that few companies in its space can match.

"We're a family company. That's important to us, and we're proud of that," says 3rd generation owner, Stephen Hanley. "I hope that by celebrating 90 years in business folks realize that we haven't lost sight of that commitment to excellence that we were founded on in 1925. And at the same time, we're out to prove to people every day that we're not just happy to be 90. We're innovating as much as we ever have. We're constantly looking for better ways to serve our customers, and help them solve the problems they face on a daily basis. Every day we look forward to talking to customers. Learning more about how things are changing, and how we can help them. It's a really fun position in the market to be!"

Hanley and his team will have a selection of their products on display at the Power-Gen® show in Booth 2327. In addition, the company is hosting cocktail hours at the booth throughout the show.

To learn more about Thomas C. Wilson, visit or contact them directly at (800) 230-2636.

About Thomas C. Wilson, LLC

Thomas C. Wilson is a smart source for tube expanders, tube cleaners, and HVAC maintenance equipment for heat exchangers, boilers, condensers, and pipes.

With more than 90 years of experience manufacturing air, water, and electrically driven tube cleaning equipment, the knowledgeable staff at Thomas C. Wilson understands the industry, and knows how to help you find the right equipment for your application and your budget.

Family owned and operated out of Long Island City, New York, Thomas C. Wilson is proud to manufacture and assemble its products in the USA.