LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (September 3, 2008) —Thomas C. Wilson, a long-time leader in providing air, water and electrically driven tube cleaners to the HVAC industry, recently selected the Wils-Matic™ Auto Tube Puncher as its seasonal showcase product. The Wils-Matic’s innovative self-feeding functionality makes removal of light-to-medium soft deposits from HVAC tubing a simple one-man operation — drastically reducing cleaning time and cutting labor costs. 

“Fall is the perfect time for HVAC maintenance, since it comes just after the cooling season has ended and just before the heating season begins,” said Stephen Hanley, C.O.O and President of Thomas C. Wilson. “The Wils-Matic cuts tube-cleaning time on average by half, allowing technicians to clean 800 tubes in a single shift. And because a clean tube is more energy-efficient, the Wils-Matic helps businesses deflect rising fuel costs.”

Featuring a quick “plug & play” start-up and unique “non-slip” feeding, the Wils-Matic Auto Tube Puncher simplifies the cleaning of straight tubes in heat exchangers, condensers, chillers, absorbers, water heaters, coolers and other small-diameter pressure vessels. Its simultaneous hand-controlled activation of motor direction, shaft feed and water flushing mean that a single operator can perform all tasks. With a simple click of the trigger, the Wils-Matic will rotate its shaft clockwise, begin the water flow, and feed the shaft and casing into the tube at 4.2 feet per second. Another click will reverse the shaft rotation and retract it from the tube. In addition, operators set the distance of tube to be cleaned with an adjustable forward end limit stop unit. Once the shaft feed reaches the set distance, it stops automatically.

About Thomas C. Wilson

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