LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (April 19, 2011) — Thomas C. Wilson, a longtime leading manufacturer and provider of tools and accessories for the cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers, boilers, HVAC equipment and applications, as well as the installation of tubes, recently redesigned its website with a fresh, bold look. The new site better represents the company's brand and more clearly communicates its offerings to the marketplace. 

The new website employs web and industry best practices to create an optimal user experience. With a clean look and feel, the home page concisely explains the company’s products and incorporates special callouts for company news, featured products and customer testimonials. A new and simplified navigation helps visitors easily find the tools, accessories and ordering information they need. Additional improvements include an updated logo, a Google custom search field and prominent placement of the company's toll-free phone number for quick reference. 

“The new website more clearly represents what we’ve already been doing for years: providing smarter tools for smarter work,” said Stephen Hanley, COO and president of Thomas C. Wilson. “Thomas C. Wilson is the single source for people who manufacture, service and clean tubes in all types of HVAC equipment — and the website is a single source for all the product information they need.“

Thomas C. Wilson continues to receive positive feedback on the new site from customers and new visitors alike.

About Thomas C. Wilson

Thomas C. Wilson is a global manufacturer of industrial tools and solutions for manufacturing, servicing and cleaning tubes in the full range of commercial and industrial HVAC equipment. Products include heat exchanger tools, boiler tube tools, tube cleaning tools, tube plugs, accessories and other supplies. Family-owned and based in New York, Thomas C. Wilson has been the single source of “smarter tools for smarter work” for more than 80 years. For more information, visit or call 800.230.2636.